Film Production – On Set Training

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  Awadhi: 1 Month

  Samay: 10am – 6pm

  Kab: Monday – Friday

  Kaha: Desi ChalChitra Studio



Will assist in making new set designs.

Will be a part of a crew of DCC Production.

Budgeting & Scheduling.

Will assist with lighting, camera, costume, sound & art on set.

Latest trending camera & Lighting.

Certificate on Completion.


Make a solid bridge between you and your career in Film/Cinema with our expertise! 

 The TRAINING ON FILM PRODUCTION offered by Desi ChalChitra is a comprehensive and technical training that will help in making your career successfull in the film world. Trainees  will be guided and given the tools they need to generate high-quality, broadcast-standard films.

This training program will examine the tools available to assist and apply the Director’s vision in the distinctive narrative structure of the film they compose through a series of the shoot and supervised exercises.


1. Direction

2. Production

3. Sound design 

4. Scripting

5. Cinematography

6. Art

7. Costume 

8. Casting

9. Budgeting 

10. Log Sheets 

11. Continuity check 


Age: Must be above 18.

Admission: Anyone Who loves Cinema. 

Qualification: 10th Standard or equivalent examination.

Criteria: Anyone with an interest in filmmaking is eligible.

Applicants must be passionate about the training program they are choosing.



Bhavya Aneelam (Producer, Entrepreneur, Actor)

  • Media & Theatre Studies (University of Oxford).
  • Acting (ActOne Theatre Group).
  • B.TECH Production (Awarded-Best Outgoing Student).
  • Joint Secretary (P.E.S.A).
  • Patent holder ‘A Plastic Shredding Machine’.
  • Perfect Debonair(Pria Warrick Finishing Academy). 
  • Diploma in Network Security.
  • Film Appreciation & Music Appreciation(FTII)
  • Grand Master Degree(Aloha,Abacus).
  • Co-Founder of 9 Startups. 

27 Feb'23

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