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Every person can create change in their own life, their community, or the entire planet. That potential is unlocked through education’s transforming power. Filmiksha is a learning platform with the sole purpose of identifying and supporting emerging talent in the media and entertainment sector. For talented individuals to progress toward becoming masters in films/cinema, we created new opportunities and entryways. We wanted to inspire talented individuals with enormous dreams to rise above the ashes and establish a stronghold in the film and entertainment industries. 

Filmiksha is the birth child of Desi Chalchitra Private Limited. It is a platform that offers you a selection of training courses and programs. Our goal is to provide every person who will shine for us in the future with all the film and entertainment industry knowledge possible.

Legacy of DCC

At Desi ChalChitra, we are a team of dynamic geeks willing to flood the internet with the waves of information in the simplest of terms, through the simplest of mediums, most engaging of platforms, and in the most creative of ways. We are a group of hardworking individuals who have a “can-do” and “will-do” attitude. We believe with the right ATTITUDE, optimum APTITUDE one can achieve great ALTITUDE. We have creative and artistic minds from streams varying like science, commerce, law, mass communication, management, etc. because the only criteria we follow is your willingness and enthusiasm to work in films.. We want to inculcate the “Zeal to work” and “Love for Creativity” in every individual working with our team.

Why Choose DCC

You need an atmosphere where you can learn to express yourself. Where you can develop a vision that will eventually lead you to a profession in the performing arts. DCC offers you the greatest working environment possible. Throughout the time of your workshop, we provide you with the laptops. Aside from that, you may also get chai coffee at any moment. Additionally, we serve food on shoot days. Along with that some of the top experts in a variety of industries will be in regular contact with you, assisting you in identifying your unique artistic voice and potential. Our office is designed not only professionally but to serve you with comfort, no stress, but only and only, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!

In- House Production

It’s the passion for films, zeal to create, and heart to give back, that has evolved into a ‘one of its kind’ space: Desi ChalChitra Studio Sets in Delhi, India. This multi-studio-set is fully customizable, air-conditioned, and eco-friendly (everything here is recycled and reused). With a passionate team of youths, a bridge between Bollywood Classics to Modern-day Web Series–this Studio Set vibes friendliness and positivity, and Modern ‘Desi,’ as it is MahaVastu Certified.

Don’t believe us? Then come and take a tour of our multi-set studio:

Studio Sets: Police Station, Jail, Courtroom, Hospital, Storage Area (Shelves), 2BHK Flat, 5-star Washroom, Salon, Classroom, Open-plan Office, Open Terrace Cafe, Bar, Lounge, Green Screen, Photoshoot Set, Reception, Bazzar, Makeup Room, Kitchen, Smoking Area, Market, Event Space, Amphitheater and more!

Be it about creating memories or movies, find all of it in a reliable location with hospitable in-house facilities (cameras, lenses, sound equipment, industry props, vintage items, and other supplies), affordable rates, staff, and flexible hours. We believe that each event is unique and customizable, just like our Studio Sets.

Prominent YouTubers like Harsh Beniwal and Baklol video rent out our studio premises. Our high-end sets have beautiful interiors and are environmentally sustainable. The fact that studio sets generate a lot of waste is undisputed, yet all of the sets at Desi ChalChitra are composed of recycled materials and are therefore environmentally beneficial. Every piece of the set decor, including the cabinets, lights, and drapes, was handcrafted. About 1,50,000 of these props are available.

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