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Legacy of DCC

At DCC, we are a team of dynamic geeks willing to flood the internet with the waves of information in the simplest of terms, through the simplest of mediums, most engaging of platforms, and in the most creative of ways. We want to inculcate the “Zeal to work” and “Love for Creativity”.

Why Choose DCC?

You need an atmosphere where you can learn to express yourself effectively. DCC offers you the greatest working environment possible. Our office is designed not only professionally but to serve you with comfort, no stress, but only and only, entertainment!

In- House Production

It’s the passion for films, zeal to create, and heart to give back, that has evolved into a ‘one of its kind’ space: Desi ChalChitra Studio Sets in Delhi, India. Prominent YouTubers like Harsh Beniwal and Baklol video rent out our studio premises.

On Set Practical Training

The on-set training will be a great opportunity to experience the reality behind the film production. The Trainees will get the chance to design the set, work with actors, handle the production work, and will direct the shoot.

Ger rid of Old School Assumptions

Filmiksha is the birth-child of Desi Chalchitra Private Limited. For all creatives, it serves as a platform for learning. We are the only platform that offers instruction through hands-on experience.

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